Waterfall locations to explore and photograph next time you’re in North Conway, NH.

Spring is an ideal time to get out and photograph waterfalls especially here in North Conway. Over the years I’ve stopped by all of these on the list so I’ll provide some minimal information and a map to find them. Personally I’d rather stumble upon a great waterfall in than follow a google map to a spot on a map, but if time is short here’s a map with the spots pinned on it.

A map of waterfalls in the North Conway area


Most of these spots are within a 20-30 minute drive from North Conway. There’s lots of write ups and top 10 lists for waterfalls in New Hampshire so I’m not going to rate each one, or sort them by any method but I will list them in order of which ones are my favorites. As a photographer I look for the ones that have little or no crowds and have something unique to offer. If you’d rather not get your feet wet check out my gallery of Waterfall Prints and It will get shipped right to your door.

  1. Ammonoosuc Ravine – There is a series of falls along the Ammonoosuc Ravine trail higher up towards treeline, so you’re gonna have to work for it if you want to photograph these falls. This is also one of the falls on the list that has nice light in the afternoon, most of the falls in the notches get dark before the light gets good.
  2. Winniweta Falls – This waterfall is low angle, low traffic and lush and the walk in is worth it all by it self. Go when the violets are blooming and you’ll add a level of detail to each shot.
  3. Thompson Falls (Hales Location not Wildcat) – Tucked away near Whitehorse ledge and close to my backyard so this one makes the list for convenience for me, but probably not for you. Good luck figuring out the best place to park and what trail to get you in there. My best guess is that www.WMNEMBA.com will give you the best info.

The others on the list are nice to visit, have good access, some of them are over-crowded and have boardwalks to the top of them so they don’t make my favorites list for photographing. So here is an almost complete list, I left a few out because it’s worth digging around to see what else is out there.

  • Diana’s Baths – A short, well graded gravel path gets you to a popular and over-crowded waterfall near Cathedral Ledge.
  • Silver & Flume Cascades – Roadside to route 302, interesting if you can avoid it on a weekend.
  • Glen Ellis – A beautiful tall and powerful looking waterfall, easy access with lots of stone steps to get to the bottom.
  • Sabaday Falls – A wide gradual path leads up to a well maintained boardwalk to access the top of the falls, ruins it for me….
  • Jackson Falls – As roadside as you could get, sprawling falls with lots of access points along with swimmers, etc. so don’t expect to get much solitude.
  • Arethusa Falls – A popular hike to a wide cascade that gets frozen in the winter so it makes for a decent ice climb sometimes.
  • Goodrich Falls – I put in because it would be a beautiful waterfall if it wasn’t dammed. Check out the old postcards of the falls when there was a covered bridge over the Wildcat River and no dam. (Wikipedia)

Lastly, if you want to see details and photographs of these falls click on the link and it will take you to a gallery where you can explore photos and buy a print if you like what you see. Waterfall prints



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