Backyard Ice climbing in New Hampshire

Well, maybe not backyard ice climbing but I can almost see Mount Washington from my window if Whitehorse Ledge wasn’t in the way. I got into photography through climbing, dragging a camera on climbing trips to bring back some images to show friends and family. Since then I’ve gotten into more and varied sports and subjects to shoot and climbing started to take a backseat. So this winter I’m making it a point to get out and photograph more ice climbing, mixed climbing and mountaineering. It’s always a delicate balance of doing what you love while doing what you love…. It’s nearly impossible to go out ice climbing and create good images, sure a shot or two topping out or a nice big open vista can be captured while being a climber. The really interesting, well composed, inspiring shots are only possible if you’re focused on photography and not climbing. Thankfully I enjoy both. Last week a friend of mine Erik Eisele was planning to guide in Tuckerman Ravine, so I invited myself along to shoot for a couple hours while they climbed up the Open Book, a classic early season ice climbing that starts near “Lunch Rocks” and ends on the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. This time of year the snow starts blowing in a piling high in Tucks so teh ice quickly gets buried by late December, early January. This day we got solid snow conditions, no avalanche concerns, and still enough ice to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Here’s a really rough video of all the still images from the day with a pause at a few of the ones that caught my eye. Almost a moving contact sheet. Take a look and let me know what you think, entertaining? or too fast to enjoy it.

Early season Ice Climbing in Tuckerman Ravine from Joe Klementovich on Vimeo.

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