Collaboration and short film

Here’s short film collaboration I worked on with Ibex Clothing, Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods and Finn Utility. A quick glimpse into fly fishing for Striped Bass on the coast of Maine. We shot the night before in Bartlett, New Hampshire got up early and fished and shot all day south of Portland, Maine. Both Chris and Ryan worked the rocks hard from sunrise to lunch with no success. Lunch brought a short rest and and incoming clouds a bit of drizzle and some fish! Not long after the clouds rolled in we got into some healthy stripers.

Photography, fishing, film-making all require lots of preparation, hard work and a bit of luck. The change in weather was a lucky break, without the underwater fish segment the entire project would have had a much different feel. Sure the coast of Maine is beautiful but when you connect with the wildlife underwater, see its strength and perfection the story becomes complete. So a big thanks to all the companies and the “models” that worked so hard to catch fish and show everybody how incredible a day out fishing can be.

Fish On: A story about fly fishing in New England from Ibex Outdoor Clothing on Vimeo.

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