Diana’s Baths, North Conway, NH – Landscapes

Diana’s Baths on the border of North Conway and Bartlett, New Hampshire once powered a sawmill and drew tourists from nearby town with its accessible waterfalls and pools etched into the granite by eons of swirling water. Today the gears and old cellar holes still remain and the cascades still draw tourists in, looking to cool off on a warm summer day. The USFS now owns the land surrounding the trails, waterfalls and rocks that were once owned by the Lucy Family. The Lucy family still owns much of the land on that end of West side Road, and they are still farming and boiling maple syrup like they did back when Diana’s Baths was the source of power for their sawmill. Here’s a short video clip to give you a taste of what you’ll find once you reach the waterfall of Diana’s Baths.

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