Evans Notch – Two watersheds diverge

An out of the way place where two watersheds start in Evans Notch. Evans Notch is situated on the boarder of New Hampshire and Maine, tucked in the White Mountain National Forest. If you’re not paying attention you might just drive right by this little spot not far off the road. While you’re watching see if you can figure out at what point the waters diverge. One heading North to create Evans Brook, eventually joining the Wild River and then the Androscoggin River, the other heading South as the Cold River, making its way to the Saco.┬áSo here is a short clip of the beautiful patterns the water, grasses and trees create when seen from above in early spring.

Every time I go out and photograph or shoot video with this new drone I’m surprised at how different the natural world looks from above. The trees become compressed and the streams and waters take on a whole new size, scale and pattern. Inspired by some of these newly found patterns I’ve created a new portfolio of aerial still photographs on my site if you’re interested in seeing more. Aerial Photographs

Music by: Black Twig Pickers “Lonesome Valley”


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