Fast and light = Efficient

photograph of a trail runner and his dog running through the woods of New Hamsphire

Time and time again I see photos of lots of photo gear all lined up on the floor like some kind of trophy wall. I realize it takes gear to create some particular images, it also takes away the ability to make other images. Trade-offs I guess. For me having the ability to move quickly, adjust of the fly and produce what a client wants is critical. The other day I got out with Trail Runners Northeast Contributing Editor, Doug Mayer and his dog Sammie. Short on time, and a tiny budget required us to work fast and local. Having a long list of interesting locations pays off big in times like these and carrying a minimum of gear is just as important. Trying to keep up with a dog and a long time trail runner is hard enough, lugging extra pounds doesn’t make it any easier. So after some in and out of the car shots, a few miles, a bunch of dog treats and much needed water we wrapped up with a wide variety of shots to help tell the story. This “small footprint” mentality works well for editorial jobs and sometimes just as well for commercial work where authentic is the goal and being efficient is a must. So next time you’re looking at a pile of gear and a long list of production costs think about life at the other end of the scale, nimble and light. Here’s a link to the piece in Trail Runner Magazine online.

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