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Working with Brian Irwin on this piece got me over to the coast of Maine a bit more than usual last year. Any excuse to link up and spend time with Henry Barber is worth it. Henry’s been a bottomless well of striper knowledge and fantastic teacher in regards to where, when and how to get the most out of fishing for stripers on the coast of Maine. It’s always difficult to shoot fly fishing, especially in a place where the spots are usually secret. The pressure on our coastline is increasing every year, building multi-million dollar mansions, closing shoreline access and over fishing, both from recreational and commercial fronts. It’s remarkable that we can still catch a fish or that we’re allowed to walk the rocky strip of land between lawns and crashing waves. Here’s Joe Lentini heading out into the sunrise after a long dark drive to the coast.

Thanks Henry for sharing, Ross for creating a great spread, Brian for writing and collaborating and Joe for getting up early and catching fish when it was really needed!

Fly fisherman May 2014 - Maine stripers


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