Lifestyle Photography, What does it mean?

For the longest time I’ve struggled with the definition of lifestyle photography. If you dig around on-line you’ll find that it’s a wide category, containing everything from simple portrait photographs to gritty, authentic action shots. As a freelance photographer I have to define lifestyle for my own shooting purposes but I also have to be able to market and sell those images. I’d prefer to shoot the peak of the action, but I’m quickly realizing that the small moments in between help tell the story. The hardest part for me is to create an image that is natural and authentic without looking posed or “stocky”. I’ve found that the easiest way to accomplish that is to work with talent that know how to play a role and can add to the process while shooting. Yesterday I met up with Alex and his girlfriend Tinia for a fitness shoot at the beach and those two know how to interact and make shooting lifestyle photography easy.

A good example of lifestyle photography of a man and woman running along the beachAll three of us took a bit of time to warm up, especially on a cool foggy day along the ocean. Alex is a professional model from the Boston area but Tinia isn’t but it’s sure is hard to tell she isn’t. Once we got rolling with some running we moved into some workouts and yoga and in between we worked the “Lifestyle” shots.  Both of these guys workout a bunch which was helpful for coming up with some more unique fitness shots, I also reached out to Larry, a photo editor at Aurora Photos, to get some input on creating some images that would fit well in the stock image market and round out the shot list for the day. At the end of the morning session the fog rolled out and the beach goers started filing in and we had a nice variety of activities, angles and looks to start out the summer.


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