Best pint size bar for a local beer – Saco River Brewing

Fryeburg Maine is not a big town is not a big town, but it’s got a craft brewery. I just finished up creating some marketing photography for the newest brewery to grace the Mount Washington Valley. It’s always great to see a new business spring up from locals with a passion. It’s a challenge to shoot in dimly lit spaces but with the newer DSLR bodies it’s easier to push up the ISO and get away from lighting systems. It also makes moving around and catching authentic, relaxed patrons and owners possible. In order to create environmental portraits and honest images it really makes sense to strip away all the lighting rigs, reflectors and distractions and just focus on the action that’s going on around. Being in a brewery also adds another level of complexity, fluids. In a small operation like this one there is lots of hose, piping, cords and random equipment that makes moving a full portrait lighting kit difficult and a bit dangerous to move around and power. The upside is the smell of hops, barley, yeast and beer permeates the entire place. So the other danger is getting sidetracked by aromas and delicious beers.

a photograph of a flight of beer along with a pint of beer on a bar.

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