Conservation – “Grow the Green Hills Campaign”

I’m proud to have been a part in the successful fundraising campaign to expand the conservation of the Green Hills Preserve right here in North Conway, NH. The New Hampshire Chapter of The Nature Conservancy has finished raising funds to purchase and protect 1,300 acres of rocky peaks, winding single tracks, and gorgeous wildlife habitat. As part of their fundraising efforts and to raise awareness of the project I was selected to create portraits of local personalities that were connected to the Green Hills through recreation, family, history or passions, which was a blast to shoot mountain bikers, surveyors, river restoration experts, all in the Green Hills. Here is a shot that was a centerpiece of the campaign showing Mount Washington in the background, Conway Lake and the Green Hills off to the right. In an added bonus to all those involved the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust collaborated to help raise some of the funds using the same photograph below in their mailings.

photograph of the white mountains and Conway lake and Green Hills new conservation lands

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