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Lovewell pond, Maine with a view of the White Mountains of New Hampshire - location photography Living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire gives me an ideal place to find interesting an interesting location or two for photography, stories, commercial work or landscapes. Last week I ventured over to Lovewell pond in Fryeburg, Maine, mostly to explore the canal that connects the pond to the Saco River for potential fly fishing opportunities. Here’s a view from the canal entering the pond with the White Mountains in the background. As an added bonus there’s some history surrounding the pond that I stumbled on.

Lovewell’s Fight

The battle at Pigwacket, commonly called “Lovewell’s Fight” after Capt. John Lovewell of Dunstable who commanded the company of 46 colonists, took place on 8 May 1725 on the shores of what is now Lovewell’s Pond in Fryeburg, Maine. Lovewell’s company went to suppress the Indians in the region and hoped to collect bounties on Indian scalps, but instead was ambushed and Lovewell himself and eight of his soldiers were killed. Lovewell’s Fight was famous throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and much was written about it. Green’s Indian Wars gives a comprehensive history of the Fight; Longfellow and others commemorated the Fight in verse.

  • Lovewell’s Fight is a lengthy, detailed and well-written account of the battle from the entertaining Imagine Maine site. Includes an extensive list of references.
  • The Maine Loop has descriptions of the battle and Fryeburg at the start of a driving tour through western Maine.
  • A Colonial-era ballad memorializing the fight is at the Hawthorne in Salem site.

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