Mount Washington Valley – a short motion project

I moved to the Mount Washington Valley back in the mid-90’s and these cliffs, mountains and streams have been a constant backdrop for my photography, my adventures and my inspiration. I have always appreciated it from the ground, the cliffs, or wading in it, mostly as a participant not as a photographer. Now, with the photographic capacity the drone gives, I can appreciate it from the air. I cut this short piece together from some video footage this summer and most recently this winter up in Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington. The new perspective I get from flying a drone has opened up some new opportunities, some hurdles and some new ways of creating. I’m currently really enjoying the abstract nature of what can be seen from above, some of that will come through in the video below.

I will also add that much of these beautiful areas that surround North Conway are protected by organizations that often go unnoticed. The State Parks of New Hampshire, The White Mountain National Forest, The Nature Conservancy, The Upper Saco Valley Land Trust and many more contribute to the undeveloped wild places that we get to enjoy here in the Mount Washington Valley.


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