National Geographic Blog – Ice Storm Science

The more I see about science in the media the more I feel it’s important to work on science related projects. I’m always amazed at climate change deniers that dig in their heels and make all sorts of false accusations and misuse scientific data for what? There’s no upside to denying climate change. Through last year and this year the focus of my photography work is moving more into science and conservation. So I was pretty psyched to see National Geographic pick up a story on the Hubbard Brook Research Center’s work on Ice Storms that I was part of last winter. Even though New Hampshire and New England have dealt with ice storms for decades their has really never been an experiment this extensive to determine what the effects of those storms can be to a forest. The project will go on for years, studying the soils, canopies, bird and bat life as well as water and chemistry in the forest. Each project I work on gives me a chance to learn about our world a bit more but it also helps turn the tide of ignorance in the other direction.


Preparing the forest plots for winter ice storm experiment
Field Science – Preparing the forest plots for winter ice storm experiment

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