New Hampshire’s Fall Foliage

It happens every year, hordes of fall foliage tourists in all forms of transportation descend on the roads of New England like Hyena’s around a fallen antelope. All common sense falls to the gutter, people park in the middle of main roads and highways to feast upon the reds, yellows and oranges of our vast forested hills. It’s a difficult time to be a photographer in New Hampshire, most likely the busiest when you couple the foliage crowd with the crowds from numerous country fairs. For me this time of year is gorgeous but best experienced in the solitude of woods far of the beaten path, or at least out of the way of massive tour buses packed with senior citizens. I always struggle to get motivated to create photographs of the massive natural display. I’ve always enjoyed the photography of Michael Yamashita and really appreciate his mix of water and brilliant colors of the foliage in his native Japan. So the other day I went out into the higher elevations of our mountains here in New Hampshire and set out to create a few frames inspired by some of Mr. Yamashita’s work.

photograph of bright orange foliage of a couple of Maple leaves in deep dark waters. solitary yellow foliage along the Peabody riverA solitary yellow Beach leaf in the midst of rushing waters photography

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