New collaboration with Allied Feather & Down

Collaboration a key to success for all of us.

A few months ago I was invited to become an ambassador for Allied Feather & Down. These guys have been around for decades, but pretty silent about it. The exciting part about this collaboration for me is that they are really making an effort to be environmentally conscious and intelligent. Allied feather and down have been developing standards for recycling water through the washing process, increasing the traceability of down products, humane supply chain and responsibly sourcing feathers. The North Face, Patagonia and many other environmentally sensitive corporations are manufacturing products with this certified down, so look for the R.D.S tag on your next jacket, sleeping bag or coat and better understand how your purchase can support these efforts.

As a fly fisherman I especially like this quote from their site, as someone that believes in being smarter about manufacturing and resource usage I agree with what this family run operation is striving for.

all water used in washing is recycled and no chemicals are discharged directly into the drainage. It is estimated that, with our water recycling program, Allied recycles over 65 million gallons of water annually in its Chinese facility alone.

collaboration with allied feather & downKeep an eye out for a few projects in the coming months, maybe a give-away or something fun and lots of imagery centered around #Coldculture and using down feathers to enjoy the cold days. you can dig deeper into the details of how down is processed and all the steps these guys are taking to make less of an impact on our environment at their site  or jump on your favorite social media platform and check it the hashtag #coldculture or go to @alliedfeatheranddown for some cold inspired content.


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