Print sale for non-profit

I’m kicking off an experiment for 2018. Each month I will be partnering with a non-profit to raise some awareness and some money. The way it works is that I have created a coupon that gives you 20% off any print on my site. (Some here) All the profits from the sale go to the non-profit at the end of each month.

For the first month of this frigid winter I’m partnering with

The White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation. www.wmaef.orgĀ 

To be completely transparent I also serve on the board of this organization. To tell you a bit more about the WMAEF, we have been working hard to bring avalanche education and awareness to the Northeast. For the past seven years we have put on the Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop here in the Mount Washington Valley. Our goals is to get more middle school and high school students up to speed with science of avalanches. Last year we had our first group of high schoolers out in the field digging in the snow, collecting data and getting a better baseline of knowledge for back-country exploration. This winter we are working with a local science teachers to bring snow science and data collecting into the classroom.

If you like the mountains and supporting a good cause head over to my prints page and use the coupon code WMAEF20 to get 20% off the print of your choice and the profits go to the White Mountain Avalanche Education Foundation.



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