Rugged assignment in the Florida Keys

Every time I told someone I was heading to the Florida Keys on an assignment all I got was “must be nice”, or “oh, you’re lucky”. Yeah, as a photographer we get lucky sometimes and get to travel to exotic places, or at least places that don’t have feet of snow stacked up and sub-zero temps. In late March it is nice to get out of town and feel warm water and sunshine. The grand plan was to rent a flats boat for the week and explore the mangrove islands in the Everglades, fish the ocean side flats and catch lots of fish. The actual plan was quite a bit different, broken boats, high winds, lightning storms and a cold front shredded our plans. We did catch fish, explore the wild coastline and mangrove channels and we got a lot of great shots, just not the ones we had envisioned from our snowbound living rooms. Here’s the sunset we enjoyed while we were being towed back to our campsite after the engine failed to start on our first day out in Florida Bay….

Photograph of sunset in the Florida Keys while on assignment
The old saying goes “You get great sunset photos if you don’t catch fish”

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