Striped Bass Season – Fly Fishing photography

Trying to catch a striped bass in a photograph requires a few things to go right, fish have to be around is the hardest part. The bass migrate up the coast every year, sometimes they come in droves, sometimes there are few but big ones, and this year there were lots of fish along the coast of New England. Almost each cast brought a flash of silver, or a fish to hand this year. Though they majority of them were small, schoolies, but fun none the less. From Cape Cod to Maine everyone had the same comment, lots of small fish, really small, like trout size fish. I’m happy connecting with small or big striped bass. I love seeing them racing into the frothy water crashing around the ledges and rocks on our coastline. Sometimes they take, other times they turn off and go deep to chase again later. Trying to photograph that kind of excitement in a single frame is challenging and frustrating and after many tries eventually a few frames come out that make the effort worth it.

A striped bass swimming away after being caught and released by a fly fisherman.

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