The Black & White Photography Challenge

A photographer friend of mine, Steve Immel just invited me to participate in a 5 day challenge. The plan is to post 3 images per day for 5 days and invite a new person each day of the challenge. I’m sure it spawned from some smart guy within Facebook trying to get more people passing images around the net as well as possibly gaining a few new users. I think it’s a great way to get back in touch with long time friends, dig through old images and post something other than cat pictures on the web. I’ve known Steve and his wife Peggy many years, we met through climbing here in North Conway back in the 90’s I guess. In fact I shot a photo of Peggy rock climbing on Cathedral Ledge for an ad in New Hampshire Magazine. Since then they’ve moved out to Taos, NM and both of their art careers have taken upward trajectories. Steve focuses on Black and White photography and Peggy is a well known oil painter. Both seem to have been invigorated by the desert air, both are creating beautiful works of art. If you get a chance click a link and see some of their work. Steve Immel & Peggy Immel

Thanks to them both for reaching out and getting back in touch.

Here are theĀ 3 images that I posted today on facebook.

J_klementovich20120216-_JCK0640 J_klementovich20120216-_JCK0654 - Copy J_klementovich20131231-JCK_6486 - Copy

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