The scale of Adventure

I’m guessing the scale of adventure starts somewhere around getting off the couch and goes up to parachuting from the upper atmosphere. Today we are constantly bombarded with stories and images of “adventure”. We’ve always been enamored with the thought of exploration and adventure, right back to when we started using our opposable thumbs. Each of us can fit our life of adventure somewhere in that scale, but there’s always someone out there with a bigger, more gnarly adventure. To some people getting out of their apartment is a big deal, others need a month long trip into the Himalaya to scratch their itch. The sweet thing about the unending variety of adventures is that “to each his own” and everyone’s definition is different and at least for me always changing. Having a couple of kids moved my scale of adventure from climbing big walls in Yosemite to more moderate adventures like getting off the couch. Now that those kids have gotten older my scale is creeping back upward and often those adventures are including them, sometimes not. The beauty of a life that has some adventure is that it pushes us around to see new perspectives, new places, meet new people and find out a little bit more about ourselves. No matter what brand your adventure takes, make those moves to get off the couch and move the scale.

A photograph of Peter Doucette on his own adventure, climbing a mixed route on Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire
Peter Doucette working his way up The Possessed, a mixed line on Cathedral Ledge, NH.

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