Variety – The spice of life for a photographer

More variety = a better photographer

I just did a quick look back over the past month and realized that I shot for 9 different sports, jobs or activities. Starting with an open water swim on Lake Chocorua and ending with fly fishing in Northern Maine. Stacked in between I got to photograph stand-up paddle-boarding, mountain biking, fire rescue, mountain rescue, tower climbing, hiking and a food and beer festival. I realize that there are some benefits to photographing the same subject over and over again. For example rock climbing, the more you shoot it the more you know the angles, techniques and the better you can anticipate the coming action. On the other side of the argument the more variety you photograph the more creative and unique the photographer becomes. Each assignment has it’s own set of problems to solve, so by having a lot of different experiences creates a bigger bag of tricks to pull from. I continuously use tricks I learned while shooting sports to solve problems I encounter on a boat or deep in the woods and vice a versa. It appears to me that people in general are getting so focused on becoming highly specialized we are forgetting to widen our views and experiences. The basic rules of photography are the same whether photographing a landscape or shooting a car race, it’s how we use those unique combinations that create the photographs we want to call our own.

Here are a few photographs from the mountains to the seacoast, from high up on a radio tower to down in a burned building, moving and working in a variety of places challenges the skills and creates a better photographer.

photograph of tower climber rigging a rope on a red cell phone tower. - photographer Joe Klementovich
Tower climber high above the trees in western Maine.
Fire fighter walking through a building - photographer - Joe Klementovich
Fire fighter walking in a smoky building.
Beer being poured into a glass - photographer: Joe Klementovich
Beer being served at a food and beer festival in Portsmouth, NH


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