Winter weather and New Hampshire.

The upside of Winter

In New Hampshire we like the weather, it changes constantly, sometimes for the good sometimes for the bad. For a photographer winter weather is incredibly valuable to have such dynamic light, shadow and forms rolling over our mountains and valleys. The temperatures jump up and drop down further enhancing the beauty of the wilderness surrounding us. On some days it just takes being in the right place. Other days it takes suffering through hours of waiting in the cold and wind to come back with the photograph I was hoping to create. Below are a few images from the post stick season – pre-official winter season. The first from Diana’s Baths near North Conway, the second from the summit of Mount Crawford and the last is from Tuckerman Ravine at sunrise.

Diana's Baths water flowing and frozen in sub zero temperatures.

photograph of a Clearing Storm over Crawford Notch from Mount Crawford.

photograph of Spruce trees and Boott Spur ridge at sunrise from Tuckerman Ravine

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