World Water Day in New Hampshire

There are lots and lots of “World Days” out there but I must say World Water Day is one that is worth thinking about for a bit. There’s the obvious reasons, humans require water to survive. No one reading this is really worried about basic survival. If you’ve got a computer, smartphone and internet you most likely have clean water but you may not have the option to get outside and explore, interact and immerse oneself in water. For me living the White Mountains I’m lucky to be surrounded by rivers, lakes streams and in the winter lots of snow and frozen water. ¬†So water becomes a vast playground that constantly changes. For some it’s white water paddling, others like myself prefer a day out fly fishing. Winter brings the skiers out looking into the backcountry for gullies and steep slopes to carve up, others get even steeper and climb the frozen waterfalls¬†and flumes scattered throughout the mountains. The list of passions centered on water and dependent on water goes on and on. Sometimes passion and stewardship don’t go hand in hand and they should. There’s all the obvious ideas, leave no trace, pack in pack out, leave only footprints, but let’s push those ideas a little further and do some net positive in what ever way you can.

photography by Joe Klementovich of a waterfall and flowers
Spring blossoms and a small waterfall tucked in the spacious White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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